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Tips on travelling with someone who has cancer

This past summer, my family and I went on a cruise with Royal Caribbean. We went on Harmony of the Seas and travelled to The Bahamas, St. Kitts and St. Thomas Virgin Islands.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Not exactly.

When you’re travelling with someone who has cancer, vacations aren’t exactly a walk on the beach.

There’s a lot of preparation and planning that goes into your vacation, even more so than when you’re travelling without cancer.

Travelling with cancer isn’t exactly ideal or easy, but it is possible.

Based on my experience this past summer, here are some tips on how to prepare and cope with cancer on your vacation:


1. First, your mom (or loved one) must consult with their doctor to see if they are eligible to travel


2. Make sure your mom (or loved one) consults with their doctor about bringing their medication


3. If possible, don’t book week-long trips


4. Pack extra Gravol, comfortable shoes, sweaters, pillows and blankets


5. Be careful about your mom (or loved one) getting too much sun


6. Plan activities accordingly


7. Most importantly, enjoy every moment
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