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Things to consider when your mom is exploring treatment options

When my mom had cancer ten years ago, she treated it with chemotherapy,

And it worked.

But when her cancer came back, she decided to treat it with a naturopath method,

And her decision to do so both upset and confused my entire family.

We didn’t understand why she would want to try anything other than chemo, or how leafy products, jogging and sitting in a hot sauna could cure the deadliest disease out there. But here’s what we learned:

At the time my mom was doing this treatment in 2016, results showed it was working. Unfortunately, since then, her cancer progressed and she has moved onto a chemotherapy treatment.

Regardless, starting a new cancer treatment is scary, overwhelming, and often confusing. Based on my personal experience, here are things to consider when your mom (or loved one) is exploring treatment options:

1. There are more treatment options than chemotherapy that may work
2. It may take multiple treatments to find the right one and that’s okay
3. You’re going to see a wide range of side effects
4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
5. Most importantly, be open-minded and supportive of their decisions

“It wasn’t so fun the first time.”

It completely changed her life so we couldn’t blame her for wanting to try something different.

Exploring different treatment options isn’t fun or easy, so make sure you’re being supportive, understanding and open-minded of their decisions.

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