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Ten things you can do for yourself when your mom has cancer

Cancer is a battle, but not just for the patient.

Watching someone you love fight cancer is a battle of its own.

A battle against:





And sometimes even depression.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from watching my mom battle cancer is that you need to take care of yourself.

I used to find myself constantly worrying about my mom’s cancer and making sure she was okay.

But then I realized I was the one who wasn’t okay.

And I didn’t want to admit it.

I was scared to confess that I needed help, but once I did, I learned how to prioritize my well-being and found some (healthy) ways to deal with my stress.

Based on my personal experience, here are ten things you can do for yourself if you have a loved one battling cancer:

1. Let your teachers and employers know what’s going on
2. Vent to your friends
3. Let your friends know that you don’t want to talk about it
4. Write in a journal
5. Get an adult colouring book
6. Exercise
7. Listen to music
8. Stay organized
9. Go out and have fun
10. Talk to a counsellor
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